Of all the existing assignments while studying in schools, colleges or universities, the essay is the most common. But in order to write a good essay you need to have good writing skills, you need to have a good imagination, and also to know how to write a good essay in which you can convince your reader that your thoughts are correct.

The author of the essay analyzes, evaluates or interprets a specific subject, whether in the official style or in the free. An essay is a literary genre, such as poetry, fiction or drama. In addition, texts are usually determined by the exact structure. All essays should include a clear introduction, development of the topic and conclusion. This is the basic structure that you must follow in order to write or define an essay. The introduction of the essay is one of the most important parts, because the author explains the topic to which they will refer, their thesis and their main lines of argumentation. They represent a tenth of a general essay and may present problems posed by the topic in question, thoughts of the author, quotations from other authors, and so on. In the process of development, the author of the essay reveals and analyzes the chosen topic.  They present their ideas and arguments based on other sources, such as magazines, interviews, books, and even online sources. This is the longest part, it occupies a huge part of the text. In addition, it is necessary to summarize and diversify all the information, because, although this is the most important part, it should not be boring. In the development process, the author develops their thesis, based, as already mentioned, on their own opinion and data extracted from other sources during the documentation period. The essay ends with a conclusion, part in which the ideas or the most important ideas of the text are summarized. Here is the information and conclusions that the author wants to highlight. Thus, he clearly shows their position, quickly listing the main arguments presented in the development.

When writing an essay it is important to follow a clear plan while working. After reviewing all the necessary information, try to understand what you specifically want to write your essay. After that you can make a small plan so that you don’t forget anything. This will help you to concentrate and remember all the necessary moments in this topic. Writing an essay on a special plan is pretty easy, so try to spend time on it.

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